mill a slot with a hand drill

I need two slots on my airblast sprayer. AND I don't have a mill with 100" X and 36" Z handy.

How would you mill two each 3/8" by 2" slots by hand?

My first thought. Make a template and drill a 3/8 hole every .4 inches on the mill. Fasten template to machine, drill holes. Move template .2 inches, drill again. Get out the die grinder and smooth out the bumps. This part sounds like no fun at all.

Best method? or better ideas?


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Karl Townsend
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If you have any mill, clamp a guide on the one side of the table and clamp your work against it. Mill as far as you can and then slide the work back and back up the milling head and mill some more till you reach the length you want.


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Ive quite often done this by drilling a hole at either end, then either oxy/plasma cutting the slot between them, or using a very thin cutting disc on a 4" grinder. as someone else mentioned, a quick cleanup with a die grinder will have them looking pretty nice. While its not up to the grade of a milled work, its usable and easy to do.


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Shaun Van Poecke

I have done this using a millwaukee magnet drill press, simply drill one hole thru then replace the drill with a 4 flute endmill then advance the drill slightly less than

1/2 diameter of the endmill and plunge thru repeat plunging to achieve desired lenght. You will have to clamp a straight edge to the work to register on side of the drill against. The other option is a dumore versa mill or simular setup.

Best Regards Tom.

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Drill, then file. Would take less time than reading the answers here.


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Nick Mueller

On Sun, 06 May 2007 23:07:27 GMT, with neither quill nor qualm, "Karl Townsend" quickly quoth:

What is it, 1/8" steel angle?

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Since I have them, I'd take a 1/16x3" cutting disc, mount it in a mandrel, and mount that in my die grinder. You have to be careful to make the slot a bit wider as you cut so it doesn't grab, twist itself sideways in the slot, and self-destruct. I wear a leather welding apron for armor and a face mask, JIC.

If you don't already have one, these are DAMNED handy for $10:

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Bob has a good idea with the plasma cutter.

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Larry Jaques

I used a roto zip. Got that enco 12" disc sander. The table would not mount properly to that nice base on the disc sander.... worked out okay for the slots, but broke one of the bits....could have used my mill...


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