Mixing soluble oils? Misting oils as flood coolant?

In general is it OK to mix different soluble oils, as long as they don't
obviously clump?
In particular, can KoolMist #77 (a misting soluble oil, which gets diluted
1:32), be mixed with Rustlick 5050, thus perhaps saving me some Rustlick?
It seems to physically mix OK.
The Koolmist does seem quite a bit less viscous.
Can Koolmist et al be used as a kind of soluble oil, in the flood mode vs
the mist mode, with passable results? It seems to me that if it is
functioning as a cutting coolant in mist-mode, it ought to function at least
as well in flood-mode.
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The chemistries are different, but if it works it works.
By the way, KoolMist is not a soluable oil.
You can use WS5050 in 20: dilution. Don't know that adding KoolMist helps any.
I use KoolMist 77 as a flood coolant all the time. It works just dandy.
Joe Gwinn
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Joseph Gwinn
One data point for ya.
I got 10 gal. kool mist at an auction. So, I use it in my lathe mister, my CNC machine pressure coolant sprayer (like a Hench Fog buster), in my hand squirt bottles, and I've even used it on the bandsaw. Works good enough for me.
I don't use it in the surface grinder. I use soluble oil there. This is what I normally use on the bandsaw.
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Karl Townsend
Given the fairly different physical appearance/feel (even tho they do mix), mebbe I should just empty the substantial gallons of rustlick in the Kalamazoo, put that in the vmc, and use the dedicated koolmist in the saw. Basically just keep apples with apples, etc., and save just as much $ (the koolmist was a donation).
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Proctologically Violated©®
--Add a fine mesh filter on the end of the pickup tube and see if it collects gunk. If so you might want to stop mixing. I'm using the Mobil soluble oil and that stuff clumps up a little bit on its own, but I find that a blast of compressed air across the pickup tube inlet will clean the filter quickly. Oh, and speaking of spray mist and soluble oils Wynns used to sell a neat additive that kept the stuff from hanging in the air; now that Wynns is gone I don't know where to get it anymore, but it's good stuff to add in winter when the shop door is shut.
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