model engineering reminder!!

Don't forget about the new model engineering show this weekend in Visalia, CA.

"Men , Metal, and Machines"

This is put on by the same folks that put on Cabin Fever in PA, so if you had fun in York (and who didn't??!) , you'll have fun in Visalia this weekend Oct 25 and 26.

Alternatively, if the Cabin Fever show is just too far away for you to attend, and you were wondering what the model engineering shows were all about, then the California show would be a good chance to meet new friends and display your work.

more info here:

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see you there, Bill Chernoff

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Bill Chernoff
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How do you show your work? The web site does not say anything about it. Do you just show up at the door early with stuff in a box and place on a table? What about security, do you have to leave it to the end of show, etc ?

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Gene Martin

Yes, you just show up. It costs $7 to get in, whether you display or not. You just come in, pick a nice spot and display your work. You'll end up talking all day long to others with similar interests. There is security. There is a compressed air pipe with valves spaced every few feet to supply compressed air. Steam models can only be run on compressed air- no live steam allowed.

I hope this helps make you decide to attend. What kind of work do you have?


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Bill Chernoff

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