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I'm in the planning stage of installing a DRO on my lathe and have run into a problem with mounting the crossfeed scale.

Any number of obstructions are making mounting to the rear (tailstock) side a real challenge while the front (spindle) side would be relatively easy. Is it considered a no-no to mount the scale on the front side where it'll be more exposed to swarf damage etc?

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John Kunkel
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Yes..and no.... If you mount it on the headstock side, make sure to make a nice, clean, low-profile STEEL cover for it to prevent damage.

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You didn't say what type of lathe you're mounting it on but this link may give you some ideas that will help.

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The mounting portion starts a little over half way down the page.

Their method could be used on the spindle side and in fact I almost did that but in the end I decided against it because anything large in the chuck could swing around and hit it. Plus, IIRC the larger 4-jaw chuck that came with my lathe would have hit it if the jaws were open too far.

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Keith Marshall

I had the same problem, so I went to a Newall Topaz DRO using their Microsyn scale on the cross slide. It is a rod about 1/4" dia. Easy to mount, needs support on one end only, swarf and liquid proof.

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