my take on TPP

a) It's not all bad

b) It's not all good

c) It is way more complicated than most people in rcm can understand, thoug h most have opinions. The same holds true for most politicians.

d) Anything this complicated should NEVER have the words "fast track" appea ring in the same sentence.

e) what was defeated this week is the "fast track," and that's a good thing . As F. George said, this is not nearly over. Again, I'm not sure that it s hould or should not be. I only hope that it gets some very serious discussi on before a decision is made. I'm not sure that our current lawmakers are c apable of such discussion.


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I agree with all of the above. But the idea behind fast-track is that allowing legislators to amend agreements absolutely destroys any chance they'll ever be passed by the other parties to an agreement. Once those things are worked out in negotiations, that's as far as everyone will go Trying to amend them after that will kill them with a thousand cuts. Straight up-or-down votes are the only possible way to get legislative approval and approval by the various parties to the negotiation.

Researching our trade with China about 12 years ago, I got a good taste of how complicated these things are; how many misconceptions the public holds about them; and how many compromises have to be made in order to get an agreement that produces a net benefit to all parties.

I admire Elizabeth Warren for many of her positions, but what she's doing now will, almost without question, hurt both our economy and overall employment in the US. Our economy is too advanced and developed for us to have much chance at domestic replacement, should we hamper trade. And her proposals will hamper trade. We now face up to 40% tariffs with some Asian countries, which would be reduced to zero with TPP. Without an agreement, we're trading with shackles on our legs and no way to take them off.

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Ed Huntress

It's called stool sample legislation -- you have to pass it to see what's in it. If the TPP is such a good deal why isn't the complete agreement [no secret protocols] posted on the web in a searchable format such as pdf?

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F. George McDuffee

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