It's not January yet

We've been having our own little Kevin Kline festival at our house the past
few weeks, thanks to Netflix, and just finished watching "The January Man"
(1989) - a great comedy mystery with a really amazing cast: besides
Kline and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, there's Harvey Keitel, Rod Steiger,
Susan Sarandon, and Danny Aiello. And the last lines are . . .
MEM: "What's haggis?"
KK: "It's a Scottish dish. You take a sheep's stomach, stuff it with the
sheep's lungs and liver and heart and some oatmeal and some suet and you
boil it."
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Steve Caple
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Hey what does this have to do with trains mister genius?
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If you don't know you should be spanked. Oops, that won't work, you'd like it. Damn! What to do? Make you listen to Wayne Newton on a a weebly old 8-track - nawww, that won't work either.
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Steve Caple
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for one:-) Donald
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Donald Kinney

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