Myford ML7 Backgear Unjammed

Thank you for all who replied to my earlier thread "Myford ML7 Backgear
With the assistance of an experienced hobby machinist I was able to
strip the spindle to find that a previous owner had used locktite to
secure the pulley assembly to the brass/bronze gear. It appears to have
been attempted without removing the spindle. Consequently I found that
locktite had found its way between the spindle and the bullgear (not a
problem as the bull gear is keyed to the spindle) but also between the
vee cone pulley assemble and the spindle; between the bass gear and the
spindle; and between the brass/bronze gear and the bull gear.
In effect making it impossible to unlock the vee cone pulley from the
spindle and difficult to dissassemble the spindle until heat was
applied to break down the locktite.
Now I have a different problem.
In reassemble of the spindle, the bull gear (B17) was able to be pushed
into position by hand; the vee cone pulley assembly (B14) also was able
to be pushed onto the spindle by hand; but the distance spacer (B13)
needed more forcethan I could apply by hand.. I haven't access to a
press so have driven it onto the spindle using a hammer and soft metal
to protect the spindle surfaces.
My question is; How tight should the distance spacer be pressed up
against the vee cone pulley assembly? At the moment with the spacer
having been driven onto the spindle with a hammer is about 1/4" play
between the spacer and the pulley assembly. I am loathe to drive it any
further until I find out how tight it should be.
Any ideas?
Ungifted Amateur
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