ML7. A proper job.

Does anyone recollect my post about the pulley slipping on my ML7? Despite much helpful information on this NG, particularly from J Stevenson and M Whittome, I could not shift the spacer sleeve between pulley and thrust bearing in order to carry out the repair, but in the process of trying, the pulley locked up again so I gave up temporarily. Well the pulley slipped once more last week so I was forced to do a proper job this time.

I got the spacer sleeve off eventually, but only after expending a great deal of heat with the blowlamp and a great deal of energy with a club hammer. I don't think it had been off since the day it was fitted forty or more years ago, and despite stoning the shaft and emerying the sleeve it took almost as much effort to refit it afterwards. (I really cannot see why it has to be so tight as the thrust is taken on a shoulder of the shaft so a much looser fit would be adequate, but that is another matter.)

The important point is that the rest of the repair was piece of cake. Driving the bronze gear out of the pulley still needed a drift even though I could turn it in my hands, which meant cleaning up the burrs before re-assembly. Thereafter it was only a matter of cleaning the parts, gluing them together, then re-assembly. I used the lathe today under quite heavy loading to test the drive and it worked perfectly.

The point of this report is to assure novices like me that anything is possible with the right advice (and a big enough hammer), and to thank John and Mike again for their help.

Cliff Coggin Kent UK

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Cliff Coggin
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