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ok, I've got two items that one of you guys may want -
1. LH electric mirror assembly for 88-99 GM C-10, and various years
suburban, yukon, etc - works, not at all perfect, been repaired - good for a
spare, or if yours is in worse shape, or if you want to make something out
of the mirror motors. The mirror itself is missing - truck drove by and
broke it - but everything else is ok - $5 plus shipping (e.g. if you only
want the motor assembly, it will fit in flat rate envelope, if you want it
all, shipping will be more
2. rolling floor jack - typical older made in taiwan type jack, missing the
valve screw - I used this for years with a cap screw and a bolt to make up
the missing screw, then a couple of weeks ago when I needed it most, it
decided that it would leak down - so I had to use another jack - this one's
gotta go - and it's all metal (except for the hydraulic fluid), so there's
the mandatory metal content. Machine up a valve screw and you have a good
jack - it's probably better than the new ones - I guess I've had this for
nearly 20 years, so it has nice heavy metal parts. While I'm willing to
ship, I doubt that it's worth it - $5 (plus shipping if you want it
shipped). Free if you trade me something I have any use for
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When those cheapy jacks leak down, they are history. Most are not repairable, no parts, and jack shops won't touch them. At least, mine won't. JR Dweller in the cellar
william_b_noble wrote:
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JR North
But hey, it's steel. A friend gave me a generic import jack that had a missing pump, so it wasn't worthwhile to fix (it'd been outside for a long while too, water came out of the cylinder).
After removing the cylinder and lifting components, I added some pipe between the side sections to make a wide (maybe 22") dolly for a heavy cast iron saw base. I could see that it could've served to make other items with, but the saw dolly was needed at the time.
WB .............
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