Need some scrap 8X8 10' NEMA-12 wireway

I have to make two conduit carriers for my truck, and the factory
made ones are either too small, too expensive, or not practical...
One side is going to be for assorted 3' and 4' fluorescent bulbs,
and the top hatch is the only practical way to handle them. The round
pipe carriers won't hold enough lamps, and it'll be hard to pad and
pack them so they live.
Need two sections of 8" X 8"x 120" (10') NEMA-12 lay-in wireway, and
one matching size scrap length (2' or longer) to use for filler
Raw material examples would be:
Hoffman F88L120
Hammond 1487E120
I need to "kit-bash" the wireway into two truck rack conduit boxes,
and the wireway is ridiculous expensive new. Even more than the
purpose built conduit boxes - $550-ish each. Eek!
Unless someone has a 124"+ wide box and pan brake and some really
big sheets of 14-gauge...
Plan: Trim off the end flanges (wind noise...) and make flush end
caps out of the scrap length making a 4" extension at the "front" to
make two 124" long boxes, so I can drop Rigid with couplings in
through the 120" top hatch (~119" after the lid seal flanges).

I don't need new, since I'm going to modify it and not use it for
wireway. The paint doesn't matter, it can have a few fitting holes,
etc. As long as it's straight and not too banged up. And I can swap
latches if one or two are pranged, as long as I either get extras from
the scrap section or know who the manufacturer was.
Greater Southern California area would be golden, otherwise they
have to get shipped.
(A western states Road Trip is possible - but the gas for the 1-Ton
beast would be more than shipping. I can always strap them to the
roof rack and bumpers of Dad's Pontiac TransSport...)
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Bruce L. Bergman
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Or scrounge around some construction sights for 8" diameter plastic sewer pipe 10' 2" long. 1" plug in the far end, Plywood works good, and a flap out of ply on the working end.
I did that with a piece of 18" plastic (green stuff) mounted to the trailer of my Hobi Cat for a sail/boom/gear locker. Works great the last 15 yrs.
Thats what Im trying to do for the Battle Utility Trailer that goes behind Moby Dick (which is now sitting in my driveway).
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Could you make something out of marine plywood?
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Probably - but that wouldn't be the end of it, because then I'd have to give them two coats of fiberglass with matting inside and out, and another coat or two on the outside without matt, sanding in between, then paint...
I may get the raw 14-ga stock and go see a friend with access to a 10' box and pan brake, the only trick would be figuring the raw shear sizes to allow for stretch or shrink... I can do the rest myself.
Anyone know where to get pinchweld grommet with gasket in bulk? About 25' worth?
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Bruce L. Bergman

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