Nested eccentric cams

Is there a simple set of relationships or formula for one eccentric inside another?

I'm trying to figure out how to use a mounting bolt through the inside one so it can be moved as though along a slot. It doesn't have to be constrained to the virtual slot, just that all places along the virtual slot are available. This is for adjustment - the eccentrics will be locked once the bit is bolted down in the right spot.

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An eccentric is just a short linkage arm, the arm length being the deviation of the external cylinder's center to the internal shaft's center. So, when you have two arms with equal length, you can make a straight-line deviation from the center by anything from +2L to -2L, in any direction

If the lengths aren't equal, your situation gets odder, of course; and you'll never be able to hit the center though some long straight-line segments that miss the center are possible.

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