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Life lurches on as a denizen of Old Fart Farms.

feistiest. OT is occupational therapy, PT is physical therapy. I

about learning to do everyday things under new constraints. I guess they figure that older people, and particularly older single people who live alone, can find that to be somewhere between challenging and overwhelming.

help me get out of bed, get cleaned up, get dressed and off to

I grabbed the side rail of the bed with my left hand, rolled out and landed my butt in the wheelchair. She was only halfway to me when

you obviously have that under control! Shall we start getting you

I did. She watched. I was tempted to ask to see the clipboard upon

but I decided to skip it. I had to zing in and out of the bathroom a few times to get stuff. At one point I was trying to get my undies on

enough. She showed me a neat trick: grab the leg hole opposite the one being aimed at and then let gravity help rather than hinder. That

I said that as I was rolling out the door. Yep, coffee and breakfast it was; the PT lady would come and get me after that.

And so she did. New one today, Kristin is on vaca. OK, first thing

device comprised of levers with weights. From a seated position, one presses down on the levers to lift the weights. She had 17.5 lb on each lever today.


She went off to do something. When she got back she asked if I was

sets. She looked at me a bit quizzically. She looked at the guy

going to hop with a walker, two laps around the area. One lap is about 20 yards. She put a lifting strap on me, grabbed it with one hand to catch me if I fell, and invited me to proceed. So I did. In this exercise, one sets the walker down while standing on the good leg, then suspends the body on the walker by pushing down with arms while hopping the leg ahead. When foot is planted, lift walker and move it forward to new position , set it down, hop again, continue. Seems to me to be an absurdly inefficient means of locomotion, but

After one lap, she said she often has to encourage people to try to go

off. She scurried to catch up.

She was gonna have me do 10 minutes on the Nustep TRS4000 recumbent cross-trainer (which I purely hate) but it was busy.


So she suggested that we return to my room, with me propelling the wheelchair for as far as I could go. I could have rest stops. Ooo-kay!

which is maybe 2/3 of the way, she looked at me as she walked

the whole distance.

Now the doc is thinking about surgery again. Maybe he had some

a lot easier to cancel surgery than it is to schedule it. That does make sense.

Don Foreman

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Karl Townsend
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Well done, Don! Keep up the good work and do it at your pace, not theirs. :)

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Michael A. Terrell

Thanks Karl, good to see Don's still going along ok.

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Good to hear from Don .Even though we've never communicated, I really enjoyed his posts over the years, some happy, some sad, all heart touching. Get better soon. I need my fix of shooting stories. I think it's still legal for old farts to carry.

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Steve Walker

Ya know , this is exactly what I figured , from what I've learned about Don here . Give 'em hell ! And lets hope the doc cancels that second surgery .

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Terry Coombs

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