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Looking for a thrust bearing that goes on the bottom of the quill in a
Delta-Rockwell, Model 11-200 drill press.
This drill press is only a few years younger than I am. I was six-years-old
when my father bought it new.
Original part # 920-40-020-5330
ID - .628" - approximately (slip fit on .625 shaft.
OD - 1.125" (Slips into bore - not pressed in.....popped unbroken race out
Thickness - approximately .345" (YOU try and measure while holding broken
race pieces and balls together in one hand!)
OEM part no longer available. Checked on OWWM.com and acetoolrepair.com.
Has anybody had any success using a three-piece thrust bearing setup with a
roller bearing and cage (OEM was a ball bearing), with two hardened thrust
washers designed to work with the roller?
I see TC 1018 bearing and cage, to be coupled with two TWA-1018 washers in
my MSC catalog.
Total thickness comes out a little shy of OEM (.142"), but there is room
for fudging.
I could also order extra washers and shim it pretty close.
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INA 2132 is .625 x 1.125 x .562. The balls are only 3/16 dia, so the races could be ground thinner, if necessary.
Motion Industries should be able to help. Branches in Portland, Bangor, Rumford, etc.
Ned Simmons
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Ned Simmons
McMaster Carr #6655K18 5/8 x 1-1/8 x .342 $3.20 in steel or $4.55 in SS page 1058 in the on-line catalog. Any local bearing dealer should be able to source this for you, looks like a pretty standard item.
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James P Crombie
James P Crombie wrote in article ...
That's pretty much the way I had it figured, but I had to wait until today (Tuesday) due to the holiday, so I thoght I'd ask about a bit on the chance that someone would have recently acquired one, and had the part# handy
Thanks for the responses
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