only just slightly on topic: just messing around silly "project" today

i was messing around today with a possible new "please don't litter" tire
"sculpture" (as posted in a previous thread). i found this reflector in a
dumpster, and the glass thing too. my idea was some kind of "robot" tire
"sculpture". i thought it would be funny to put my mother's cat and then
one of her ducks in it and take a picture, it kind of reminds me of some
sort of 1950's science fiction spaceship.
formatting link

(no animals were harmed in the taking of these photos.) (they both were in
there for only a few seconds.)
(metal content, used a plasma cutter to enlarge the hole in the top of the
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William Wixon
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The second picture is the inspiration.
Fabricate a cat litter box to go beneath the reflector. Cut a door into the side of the reflector and add a charcoal filter to keep down the smell.
While it would not be a "don't litter" sculpture, it would however be an appropriate place to have some litter. :>)
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Roger Shoaf

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