Orchestrated keywords by the press

Today's is "rhetoric." Listen to all the pundits and see how many times it is used. Do these people get the keywords of the day through e mails, or do they just meet at the local McDonald's and get them? They spew this endlessly, and in harmony. It is crystal clear that they are receiving their marching orders from somewhere.


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Steve B
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Glad not to have TV. I use to be amused by those, especially when the public picks up on it. When I talk to my best friend that whole subject is "closure".

Another one is how they miss the facts like everyone knows what they are talking about. Like the shooting that just took place, I caught something on the net and checked it out 24 hours after the fact. The net news didn't give the condensed facts, you know when, where, what, who, ect. I had to read a bunch and see a couple of videos to get the basic info.


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