OT; Curled toenail (metal content)

I haved a toenail that curls under on one side, it curls a full 180 deg plus. No pain or problem yet, but I would like to find the cause & cure.

Actually, I already found the cure, but I didn't like it. I uase to have curled big toenails on both feet, but I dropped a metal t-post on one and the curled toenail fell off after a month or so and the new nail that grew in (took almost a year) is perfect. I want to find a different, less painful cure. Any ideas? Didn't have much luck googling.

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Nick Hull
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Minor surgery by a podiatrist at an out-patient clinic.

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John Ings

After having this problem for many years, with toenail removal by the podiatrist a few of times, I finally had the nail permanently removed some

15 years ago and I don't regret it. lg no neat sig line
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larry g

This will need to be surgically addressed, most likely. I have the same problem developing at the moment, but its not a bother yet.

What they will do is give you a local anesthetic, and cut away the nail, all the way back to the nail bed, and you will have to keep it trimmed back until the underlying tissue grows back into normal shape, then the nail can be allowed to grow back. Or if its a repeated problem, the nail bed will be killed so no nail ever grows there again.

A friend of mine hobbled around for about 3 months after having all 9 of his toes done this way. He tended to wear very pointy toed italian shoes for years..


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Podiatrist can cut it back and kill the nail bed so it won't regrow,

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Not sure of the cause, but have used some sharp edged metal to scrap my toe nail so that it was fairly thin and this let it uncurl.


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Dan Caster

Do a Google for incurvated toenail. I liked the idea of

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I haven't tried it yet. I once filed the top of my nail to thin it. It did relieve the pressure but when it grew out, it was cracked and ragged. Nearly impossible to put socks on.

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Andy Asberry

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