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Hey guys, I need some enlightenment.
18-ft enclosed car hauler, bumper pull, all steel, tandem torsion axles,
15" steel white-spoke wheels. I also use it to haul machines (ON Topic)
I limped home from the track last Sunday on 3 trailer tires.
I am going to replace all 4. Probably will order them online and mount
them myself. unless I find a good deal locally.
In the past I have just used good light truck tires. That's what's on
there now, although I didn't buy these. Might even be car tires.
At any rate, I understand there are tires designed specifically for
trailers. Who makes them?
What's different about them?
Recommended brands/models?
Are they worth any extra money it might take to buy them?
And where can I order them at a good price?
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Trailer tires are supposed to be able to handle the scuffing that occurs when going around corners. Regular vehicle tires may have pieces of the tires chunk off. Info from local trailer dealer. When turning with a tandem trailer some of the tires will be sliding sideways.
Wayne D.
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Yep I had heard that 3rd-hand once. Also that the sidewalls were tougher for curbs and other misjudgements. I got the impression that they were also bias-ply, but I find that hard to believe.
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ST tires also have more chemicals to resist sunlight as many trailer tires die from old age rather than wear. One source for the tires can be a RV dealer, although I've bought them at my local Goodyear dealer.
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It may be difficult to find a 15" tire with sufficient plys for trailer use. I use 16" 10 or 12 ply truck tires on my triple axle gooseneck. They are sufficiently stiff to handle the scuffing on corners as well as the payload.
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If my wife's tires don't have any chunks out of them then it ain't happening.
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The "special trailer" tires are the ones with ST (like ST215 etc). When I had to get some new tires for my horse trailer all the tire places told me they would only put "trailer" tires on a trailer. Did a search on names like Denman, etc. and found that most of the them are made in China and there are a number of posts on the various trailer forums with people talking about them exploding while just cruising down the highway. Called the trailer maker who put passenger tires on this trailer 10 years ago and they said they didn't see any difference in the tires and now use STs on the small trailers but light truck tires on the big trailers. Found a place to mount some nice Michelins LTXs, just like my truck. Pulls fine.
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Les Slob will give you a good deal on ST rated trailer tires. JR Dweller in the cellar
Rex wrote:
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JR North
That's good to hear! I just put a new set of car tires on my trailer yesterday! My trailer is rated for 7500 lbs, and the tires are rated at just over 2000 each. I figured I was OK.
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Dave Lyon
I have a 25 foot flatbed used for carrying a small tractor ( 1 tonne ) and a 1.2 tonne excavator. I was always having tyre problems until I upgraded the tyres to 980 kg/2160 lb capacity (each), now, with about 7000 lb all up, I am running well within their safe load capacity. I think they are 10 ply light truck. Alan, in Gosnells, Western Oz. VK6 YAB VKS 737 - W 6174
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Most major tire companies. Up here the Carlisle trailer tires are popular
They have MUCH stiffer sidewalls.
Most definitely. Going from car tires to trailer tires on my 17 foot Bonair made all the difference in the world. Tamed it right down and made it a pleasure to pull.
Got a Northern Equipment or TSC around, or Orchard Supply, depending where you are???
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clare at snyder.on.ca

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