Peddinghaus for sale on Ebay

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According to :

Ebay auction number: 270015098792

O.K. So it turns out to be an anvil.

It would have been nice for you to mention that, for those of us who were wondering what a "Peddinghaus" happened to be.

I, for one, would not have bothered to call up a browser and visit eBay if I had known what it was. I went simply because I did

*not* know, and thought that it *might* be something which I wanted.

I might like a smaller one- but not one that large.

Enjoy, DoN.

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DoN. Nichols

It would be nice to specify what "peddinghaus" you were talking about- Peddinghaus is a big company, and they make everything from hammers-( I have several) to 100 ton ironworkers.

The enthusiastic copy on the ebay ad is, unfortunately, not true. Peddinghaus has started making forged anvils again, and Kayne and Son, also known as, has some in stock in the USA right now, in at least 3 sizes.

So this is not as rare as he makes it seem.

I also would dispute the "best anvil in the world" schtick- that is certainly possible, but it is a very subjective judgement. Personally, I am extremely fond of my Nimba anvil, made by the late great Russell Jaqua in Port Townsend Wa. It is cast tool steel, hardened and heat treated, and I will put it up against a Peddy any day.

And using "rebound" as your big deciding factor in anvil quality- more hot air. Certainly, rebound is important, as you want the maximum amount of your energy going in to moving the metal- but equally important is design of the anvil, horn shape, weight, quality of finish, and condition.

There are plenty of great anvils that may or may not rebound as well as this one, and there are lots of very good blacksmiths who do not judge an anvil by either "ring" or by "rebound"- instead, they use it, and judge it by a "feel" that is the composite of a hundred factors.

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It's pretty rare that some guy puts his ridgid pedingus up for sale on E-bay. Especially a big one.

Best regards, Jack Runyon Home of the Peace Goat (you will not be impressed with this piece of metalwork)

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Jack Runyon

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