Photography (Was something about politics)

Toyotas and golf groups cut.

>>Or perhaps a digital action sports photo? >>> >>>
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> >>I took these of some guys who belong to a group that collects and >>fires frontier era guns. >> >>
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>Cowboy action shooting. Ill have to round up some of mine.. and post >em. > >I can tell you arent involved in the shooting sports though..wrong >emphasis on the wrong things..but technically they are very good. >You can indeed do good work.

Access was the problem at that place. While visitors were allowed, I was kept at a distance. The competition shooting was done in two places: inside little fake frontier town storefronts and in an area I couldn't get close to behind some other buildings. It was understandable since live ammo was used.

Normally, when shooting photographs, positioning is essential for good shots. In most of the shots I took that day, I couldn't move around and shoot from several angles as I normally would.

The competition was combination of accuracy and many shots in a time period, and in the pistol competitions the time started before the gun was drawn from the holster. They also had a competition where the shooter fired a rifle so many times and then drew fired his pistol a number of times.

Like many people involved in hobby groups, winning the competition didn't seem to be the big deal. Just participating, and spending the day with people of like interests, seemed to be more important.

You are correct in that I don't have a particular interest in shooting sports. Usually, I concentrate on the people involved. What I wanted was a photograph of a person shooting a gun, but a photo that showed the face and person behind the gun. Character over props. It just wasn't possible in that venue.

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