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Gunner, I have not heard from you regarding the manual for
that milling machine. I take this to mean either:
a) you are really busy (not posting much lately either, eh?),
b) you didn't get it, and don't need it any more,
c) you did get it and if filled your need (great),
d) you didn't get it, and still want it, but (a) above,
anyway please contact me at jrr0 at us dot ibm dot com
if the address I sent it to (olive ave) is incorrect and
you still want it. I could locate another copy.
please reply to:
JRR(zero) at yktvmv (dot) vnet (dot) ibm (dot) com
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jim rozen
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Jim, It arrived Tuesday or Wed, while I was on the road. The wife called me Wed and mentioned it had come, but not when. I piggy backed a confirmation and sincerest thanks on a post of yours that evening.
MANY thanks for the manual, Ive had a few moments since I got home tonight to browse it over and its marvelous. Ill email you a pic of the carcass as it sits at the moment. It appears that Im not missing all that much, just the crossfeed screw and parts from the table and the few bits for the power feed, which are easy enough to make.
I don't know what the lead screw thread is, as I didn't check the manual yet. That will be the hard part of getting it going. That and the power feed parts to the table.
Many many thanks again, and if there is something you need, feel free.
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Gunner, is this about the Hardinge Horizontal? Have you hopped on the Hardinge-Mill Yahoo group and plead your case? Also, Dave at Meridian sometimes has a parts machine. Best to give him a call.
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Marty Escarcega
Glad it got where it was headed. The lead screw is 5/8-10 acme, with a spline on it for the power feed. You could just buy some if you have the dials and and handles. The nuts are split and adjustable for wear. And while the power feed is *nice* they did sell these without, and they're still quite useable.
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