Hey Iggy
I was in two different Menard's in the past week and they both had
wooden model kits that I thought you might find interesting for you and
"Iggy Jr." They had SUV's, trucks, boats and farm tractors. In all I
think that they have 7 or 8 different kits. I thought of you and your
son might have fun building a sequel to the "MV IggyII". The kits ran
around $5 IIRC.
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Greg, I will definitely go to a Menards store and check these kits out. Great idea! Thank you.
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I will ask for $500 for mine. I am pretty sure that I will get that. I could use it also, but I have three phase, or so my thinking goes.
I got the cart, stailnless steel tape reels, and the hoist for $250.
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Are you selling it locally or online? Are you putting any hateful, anti-liberal missives in your ads? That may turn off most buyers.
I think that a nice condition 1/2 ton, 115v Dayton hoist should sell for $500 plus reasonable shipping, on ebay. Here, I have a big metropolis also, with a lot of people wanting such a hoist for their private use.
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