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OK. I've poked around on the web and even looked in Machinery's Handbook to no avail.

What is a planer gage used for?

Thanks. Steve.

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Transferring a measurement from a micrometer or a height gauge or other precision measuring tool to the setting of the tool height on a planer or a shaper (both being the metalworking variety, not the woodworking tools of the same names.)

I don't have a planer, but I do have a shaper, and the gauge is quite convenient when you want to set the tool height to produce a specific dimension from either the table or from the bottom of the vise.

And you probably don't find information in your sources mostly because both planers and shapers are considered "obsolete" (but they are fun machines anyway, if you aren't making a living depending on them producing something quickly. They are more of a "Zen" tool -- fun to watch while you meditate. :-)

I hope that this helps, DoN.

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DoN. Nichols


Named so because it was once commonly used for setting tool height off a planer table.....but nowadays it's often found quite handy as a transfer gage in any myriad of tasks in the typical machine shop......

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As others have said, it's for setting tool height on planers and shapers. I've also used them to set tool centerline height on the single point threading attachments on Hardinge chuckers. You can also use them on a surface plate as a transfer gage or as a surface gage.

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D Murphy

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