Poly pipe entering crawlspace

I have my pipe in the ditch. I have a hole in the block foudation of
the cral space. The hole is not much below grade. I have a 1 1/4 inch
pipe through the hole to run the pipe through but the problem is that
when the pipe goes up out of the ditch it "sticks" out not much above
grade if that makes sense. Should I only use poly in the ditch then
use pvc with a 90 up through the block foundation and into the
Also, I have steel fittings I am using as that is all the store had.
Is there a quick way to make them rust resistant?
Any help is appreciated!
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By the way I tried a conduit sweeping 90 on the end of the pipe going through the crawlspace and it was too much fo rthe pipe and kinked it.
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stryped fired this volley in news:39f98211-a86b- snipped-for-privacy@g26g2000yqe.googlegroups.com:
Don't ever use funny-pipe under a dwelling. Nor should you rely on it for any penetrations.
You can rust-proof your bands by throwing them away and getting stainless steel equivalents. Even then, you better check the alloy. Not all are made for direct-burial.
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Lloyd E. Sponenburgh
Galvanized steel IS rust-resistant; that's what serves most homes here. If yours is from an untrusted supplier, you can try to protect it by wrapping with fusion tape (kind of self- sticking rubber tape, used for electrical splices in wet locations), or just make sure the drainage is good by strategic use of gravel under and over the fitting.
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The hole should be below the frost line. You can't bend poly pipe in that tight a radius. I'm not sure you're supposed to use those sprinkler barbed fittings on a water service line.
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We have poly from the street to the house. At the house, there is a 90 degree elbow to turn it upright. Just use a couple elbows. And Anything that you do not want to rust, use a brass pipe.
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Bill McKee

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