Portable 120V Welder

For years I used a Harbor Fright 120V machine for this sort of thing. After
I cut a huge hole in the case and put a giant fan on the back of it, it was
useable. It was also cheap. After about 15 years I got frustrated with it
yesterday. I was fitting a trailer fender between two steps, and I was
going to tack the inside liner plate in place with the China box, and then
after it was locked into shape, unbolt it to finish welding in the back of
the shop with the Miller 212.
I made a couple practice welds to make sure I had it right and then I slid
under the trailer. It made an arc, and then quit feeding. Somehow the wire
got stuck in the liner. I had no issue taking the tip off. It was seized
in the liner. Cut to the chase. I set it aside and looked on line to find
that Lincoln has a little 110V wire feed that is JUST for flux core. No gas
at all as near as I can tell. Since I never used gas on the portable stuff
anyway I figured why not. Better yet it was on sale.
Holy crap. This thing welds about 100 times better that the Harbor Fright
China box and has at least ten times the duty cycle, and it was cheap.
Pro Core 125. Anything heavier than about 12ga will require multi pass (I'm
used to that), but it does it. Holy crap. I made about a dozen tacks on
the bottom inside the fender to hold the back plate on. Only 2 didn't look
good, and only one did I have to go over. A mix of a dozen vertical and
overhead welds from a crappy hack welder (me not the machine) and they were
90% good and good looking. Wow! I took the fender off to weld some beads
on the backside and get it ready for paint. All the welds look decent. I
only had one issue. It was going to fast and clean that I got a little
cocky and burned a tiny hole in to. I was able to stack 3 little spots and
filled the hole so easily I had to stop and stick a scratch awl in it to
make sure it had really welded up.
I didn't even take that fender in the back of the shop to finish. I just
finished the whole thing right there with the Lincoln.
This is my portable anywhere field welder from now on. Its not something I
would want to do lot of plate welding with, but this thing will make short
work of things like gate handles for access controlled gates.

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Bob La Londe
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Greetings Bob, Several years ago I was offered a used Linjcoln SP125+ with a bottle of C25 gas and a spool of 70S2 wire for $250.00. On the advice of folks posting here I bought the little machine and have had the same experience as you. It welds great! It is fun to use and I sometimes look for excuses to use it because it's the only wire feed welder I have. To date I have used this 120 volt machine to weld aluminum (thin), silicon bronze, stainless steel, and of course plain old mild steel. I found some hard facing wire that will run in the small machine and as soon as I can find a job for it I'll buy the 10 pound spool. I already would have bought it but at about $150 for the spool I will wait for a job. Eric
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Bob , I've been using a Weldpak 100 for years , both with and without gas . Up to about 11ga it works swell , especially with flux core . Mine rode in the truck a lot when I was installing lock boxes on AC security cages a couple of years ago .
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Terry Coombs

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