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Interested in the magazines for .22 ruger pre 1971
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You know that the current .22 Ruger Mark (II, III) magazines can have the follower pin swapped to the other side to work in the Mark-I? They have equal slots on both sides to allow this swapping. (I've done just that with some of mine, as I currently have a Mark-I from the mid 1960s, and a much more recent Mark-II.
Look at the bottom of the magazine, and you will see a round hole in the center of the rounded projection at the front. Depress a pin in there and you can slide the base off, removing pressure from the spring (work in a plastic bag, just in case you slip and the springs launch. :-) Once the spring is relaxed, you can slide the follower down to where the round hole is at the end of the slot, and swap the pin to the other side. Then reassemble and you are done.
*And* -- the later magazines have the ability to easily hold 10 rounds, while the older one is designed to hold nine, though you can force a final tenth round into it, but you slightly dent the side of the 9th round case.
I'm keeping my original magazines in case I sell the Mark-I separately, so I can keep all of the new style for the Mark-II.
The parts list in the downloadable manual for the Mark-I includes a replacement frame (the barrel assembly is counted as the serial-numbered receiver on these) which will accept the newer style magazines unmodified.
O.K. Not in the parts list on that manual (amazing how much the manuals have grown with more safety warnings :-) -- so I must have found it on the Ruger site instead.
But anyway -- you *can* use the new magazines with the simple modification above.
Enjoy, DoN.
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DoN. Nichols
Excellent info. thanks so much!!!!
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