Propane Tank OPD Valves - Getting Liquid Out

Will liquid propane flow from an inverted (full) 20 lb tank with an OPD
I'm guessing it will until the valve float "falls over" enough to shut
off the flow, assuming there isn't an outflow bypass valve in those OPD
valves which would let you draw everthing out of an inverted tank.
If I'm correct, approximately how much liquid is left in an inverted
tank when the valve cuts off flow?
That question is prompted by my wanting to use the adaptor I've got
kicking around to refill those "small grill" and lantern bottles used on
camping trips. I haven't done that since being forced to get new 20
pound bottles with OPD valves on 'em.
Thanks guys,
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Jeff Wisnia
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I *think* so. Although I also remember something about reduced flow. Where's Bruce Simpson?
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Tim Williams
The local feed store sell OPD valves and I have seen two types there. One has a float off to the side on an arm and the other has a tube with a float inside the tube. I think both types would allow liquid propane to be drawn out when the tank is inverted, but the amount of liquid left when the valve cuts off flow is not likely to be the same for the different types of valves.
I think this is where one experiment is worth twenty theories.
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Dan Caster
The OPD has an anti-flow if inverted. e.g. if you get water in it you can't pour it out. This prevents "dumb fools" from having a Bar-B-Que issue...
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Martin H. Eastburn
I've got a couple of OPD tanks, they will allow this. I've even gravity filled my small 10 lb pre-OPD pancake tank from the 40 lb. The big one is Worthington brand from Home Despot. Not sure about the "everything", I've never run one down until it quit delivering liquid. When they get down to about 1/4 full, I haul them off to be filled.
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Stan Schaefer

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