5 pound liquid/vapor propane tank

After much discussion in the AF1 Racing forums, a moderator has agreed with me that the Aprilia SR50 is a good platform to test a new propane configuration.

The throttle body / air neck will receive propane vapor during WOT (Wide Open Throttle), top-speed operation. At lower ranges, either of throttle or speed, the existing air/fuel injector will carry a regulated vapor/liquid flow directly into the cylinder while all ports are closed. We hope to preserve economy and obtain performance in this way.

Is there a 5 pound propane bottle that can be fitted with a short vapor dip tube and a long liquid dip tube, or a valve body that can be installed into a standard 5 pound propane bottle?

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Just thinking out loud, but the only place I've noticed dual valves/dip tubes like that is on recovery cylinders for refrigerants, and the smallest size I've noticed is 30 lb. Maybe you can adapt the valve to a smaller tank size? As an example see ebay item 380193688232.

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You need a cheap and easy source of liquid delivery propane for experimenting, go get yourself a 33-pound (7.5 gallon) forklift horizontal propane cylinder. Has a special QC Liquid propane fitting, and also a Vapor fitting available if you want to do other things with it.

They make 14-pound and 20-pound forklift cylinders with liquid outlets, but I never see them in the wild. The 14-pounder looks small enough to mount on the package rack of a scooter fore-and-aft, 9" diameter by 21" overall length. And it's certainly armored enough to survive a wipeout.

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Manchester Tank, Lynwood CA (Los Angeles) They have online PDF's of all their catalogs and spec sheets.

Then you need to buy the matching QC male fitting and high pressure propane flex hose to go to your engine, and a clamp-down cradle (you normally mount to the back of the forklift) to secure the bottle while in use.

Once you get your design finalized, they make customs or custom mods that you can build in. Easy enough to take one of the little 5-pound camping size cylinders and install a dip-tube and liquid outlet valve.

Now you just have to find someplace to fill them - you need to have several, because a lot of places have a 5-gallon minimum...


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Hot air baloonists have both liquid and gas fittings on their bottles, ut 5 pounds wouldn't even get them off the ground

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