Quick Q on hooking up a rotary converter


Does it matter to which two of the three wires on the converter I connect the *incoming* 220V power?

If it does matter, how do I tell which two to connect, w/o a schematic? I've got a VOM, if that's helpful.

I am blessed w/ two rotaries: A pretty hefty H-A-S, by Steelman (lotsa capacitors!), and a smallish one from Phase-a-Matic.


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Let's call the incoming 220VAC lines L1 and L2, and the generated leg L3. There should be some oil-filled run capacitors connected between L1-L3 and L2-L3. There *could* be some between L1-L2 but it's unlikely. Also, the start capacitor will be connected through a pushbutton or relay or through something from L1-L3 or else from L2-L3 but it for sure won't be from L1-L2.

So you may have to stare at the wiring for awhile but you should be able to suss it out.


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Makes no difference at all. If it makes your machine run in the wrong direction simply swap any two around.

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That seems about right. I called both mfrs, and both said that L1, L2 are the inputs, L3 the generated leg, which seems to be a kind of convention.

Interestingly, the Phase-a-matic will "still" work if connected in another combination, but not the third combination (forgot which). More interestingly, my Steelman WAS hooked up incorrectly, according to their convention, and still works, but mebbe not as well. Ahm tryna avoid wire-sleuthing, but mebbe I should check it out.....

Also interesting is how much smaller the Phase-a-matic is than the Steelman, but with about the same rating: 5 hp. Sure don't look like 5 hp!!


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