R8 Collet key replacemnt in Bridgeport

I was one of three working on replacing the R8 collet key in a
Bridgeport belonging to a friend.
I was in a position to take lots of photos (and mostly offer
suggestions), so I've built a web page showing the process.
I opted to not use names in the page to maximize privacy.
The "Poultry Pilferer" refers to his favorite saying "There is
no chicken better than a stolen chicken." when selling parts and
equipment from his previous employer. (He's retired, and the employer
is using him to move surplus equipment both locally and on eBay as they
shift to new projects.)
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DoN. Nichols
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Thank you!
It is easier to document when two others were doing the work, so I did not have to worry about picking up the camera with greasy hands. (It is a *nice* camera, so I prefer to keep it working. :-)
Out of curiosity -- do you normally drive the bearing cannister and spindle down a bit more to give easier access to the screws? I would have done that -- but the owner of the mill did not feel comfortable with that.
Enjoy, DoN.
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DoN. Nichols
Out of more curiosity, reviewing your excellent photo presentation, did you re-install the backup/locking hollow setscrew before reassembly and just not take a picture?
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Pete C.

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