Recycled Watches

A friend of mine sent me a neat email showing some very cool minature
motorcycles that were made of old watches. Unfortunately, I don't
know of a way to post them online so if any of you would be interested
in seeing them, send me an email to and I'll be glad to
forward the pics to you. This is most definitely metalworking
content. I envy those who have the talent and patience to do this
stuff. I have neither.
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Jim Chandler
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Every proper ISP I have ever used has included "personal web space."
Go to your ISP's web site, and see if they haven't got something like that.
There's also something called a "drop box," But I don't know how to use it; also, some kind soul might have some webspace they'd let you piggyback on.
Good Luck! Rich
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Rich Grise
1) Go to:
2) Scroll down to find and click on the "Using the Dropbox" block.
3) Read the suggestions for naming and addition of a descriptive ".txt" file (no ".doc" files allowed).
4) Submit to the proper address via e-mail.
5) Wait 'til the submitted things show up there.
6) Post here with the url of the dropbox (the one above), and the names of the files. (It is possible to post the entire URL for the files, but this is discouraged because eventually the files will be moved to a "past year" archive so the URL will change, but the archives of the usenet postings will be out there forever -- now with the wrong URL.
Enjoy, DoN.
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DoN. Nichols
Thanks, Don. I'll have to try that. The photos are really neat and I think that many of the people on here will enjoy them. I just wish I had the patience and skills to do stuff like that.
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Jim Chandler

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