Reprap rapid prototyping vs CNC mill with extruder

I know
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has been discussed here several times, but
reading about the improvised plastic extruder on a toy-scale 3D motion
frame made me wonder: If you've already got a 3D CNC milling machine,
couldn't you just use an extruder "tool" to do 3D printing? Chuck it in,
load up some pellets, fire up the software, and away you go? Seems like
the expensive parts of such a system are already there in your milling
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Richard J Kinch
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Yes, supposedly. Kind of an expensive motion device/machine, though.
Hot glue with a precision injection-type tip, and short bursts of freeze mist to solidify it almost instantly.
Mix-on-demand epoxy or other 2-part formula dispensing device.
The ultra-precision machines that are used in the semiconductor industry perform very similar tasks, but the product is typically under 4" square.
WB ......... metalworking projects
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