Retaining E-Clip for Kwikset Deadboat

Problem is..... I put in an deadbolt and one day the e-clip that holds the
front keyed section to the shaft to the inside section, was broken. Problem
is there was not enough clearance and it wore out too soon.
Where can a feller find one of these? The stock E-clips, C-clips, etc, you
get at the hardware store won't work because the Kwikset has a center piect
that is required by this lock.
Anyway, is there a usenet group I can post a picture and see if any of you
knuckleheads nose whure I kin gti one raht snappy like.
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John Curtiss
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Ask whomever is in charge of the rekeying station at a Home Depot, Lowes, etc. Many times they have spare parts lying around. How about a locksmith?
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Your local locksmith will be able to help.
But you need to realize that there is a reason the clip is broken. The most common reason that these break is that the lock is not properly installed.
Check the holes in the door first. The 2 1/8 diameter hole in the door should be at 2 3/8 inches from the edge of the door. If there is a bevel to the edge of the door, then the measurement should be checked from the high side of the bevel.
The 1 inch hole in the edge of the door needs to be square to the edge and in line with the 2 1/8 " hole. There is a little room to fudge here but if the lock binds at all when the screws are snugged down the lock will continue to break.
If the lock works smoothly when the door is open, then check to see that it works smoothly when the door is closed. The bolt traveling to full extension should not rub at all.
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Roger Shoaf
My solution is to always use the same make and type of lock, and never throw away worn out lock sets when I replace them. I may chuck the broken component, like the lock tongue, but keep the knobs, cylinders, etc. Then I usually can find a usable piece in one of the left-overs to repair a lock when one piece fails way too soon.
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Jon Elson
Thanks, fellers! I will shake down the locksmith.
Roger, you have hit the nail on the head -- I (jack of all trades except locksmithing) put this lock in and intentionally set it up so that the bolt held the door snuggly to the frame. I was thinking it would make it harder for someone to jimmy open the door and didn't think about it wearing out the e-ring.
I ended up buying the same deadbolt at home depot ($14) only they were out of my color. So I took the new lock apart to get the e-clip and will contact Kwikset or the local locksmith and continue my search of this e-clip.
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John Curtiss

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