I need a part quoted. It's mabe from 5/16" square 316 Stainless steel bar stock. Overall finished part length is 9/16". Of that length,

7/16" is turned down to 0.230", the other 1/8" is left 5/16" sq. A blind hole is drilled from one end to allow tapping to a full thread depth of 0.410"-0.390". Thread is #10-24. Tolerances, fraction +/- 0.010", decimal +/- .005. Machine finish is 125. The only critical issue is that the drill point does not breach the end. This is a thread insert for a molded plastic part. May be a one time requirement of 1000 pcs. Any suggestions of where this may be quoted would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, K.
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kthr33 wrote in news:511dcfa6-c30b-4397-a07a- snipped-for-privacy@72g2000hsu.googlegroups.com:

Post this over on alt.machines.cnc and at

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. Both should result in quotes from reliable shops.

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