Carrying over part dimensions to drawings

The easiest example related to my inquiry is as follows.

I model an extruded box. The width I want is 3.84", length 4-1/4" and depth to be 2.375" +.005/-.000.

I applied all the unit precision and tolerance properties in the model to truely represent my design intent and I do not want a detailer to misinterpret the design or alter these points. The design if altered should retain the original 2 pls decimal precision for width, fraction dimension for length and 3 pls. precision with 3 pls. bilateral tolerance.

Now how does one pass these same precision and tolerance properties into the drawings. The drawing formats seem to have there own settings for these same properties, which to me is ridiculious. Why would someone need to redo the work already done. In my example, one of the three dimensions typically change to the drawing unit property.

What should the option settings for document properties for units be set at to leave the values as set in the model?

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Along the same line, how can I have the inch ["] designation displayed for all linear unit dimensions not just the fractional ones. Is there a setting also to incorporate [mm] for metric linear dim's? This would be helpfull when there are dual dimension units within the parts.

Again I would like these to carry over to the drawings.

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You want to "insert model items"--this will carry the dimensions, tolerances, etc thru from your model into the drawing..

If you're on subscription service, there was a good presentation (by Gene Dimonte) on the subject at SWWorld last month; the presentation should be on the support website someplace...

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I have tried to insert model items with various settings. With my example in use and having the document property options set within the drawing template as follows:

Linear Units - Inches, Decimal with decimal places 3 places I get the follwing results: Width 3.84, Length 4.250 and depth 2.375 +.005/-.000.

Linear Units - Inches, Fractionall with decimal places 3 places, denominator

64 with no round-up I get the follwing results: Width 3.84, Length 4-1/4" and depth 2 3/8" +.005/-.000.

I'm I missing another option somewhere within the drawing/part options? Are these the results you get modeling this simplist model/drawing? I do understand the logic its applying but to me its not real world. More often then not companies have a standard tolerance block which means 2.375 has a different tolerance than 2 3/8. Our company default standard for .XXX is

+/-.005 versus a fractional dimension is +/- 1/16".

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