ROTFLMAO -- Emglo gas generator

Check out this "generator" for sale

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Emglo Gas Generator, new cost $1000.00, asking $350.00 take a look at the picture, a real power Generator.

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Emglo is a respected brand in construction site compressors. One of these will drive a few million nails before it's done.

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Don Foreman

"Ignoramus16375" wrote: Check out this "generator" for sale ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ He must have caught the error--it now reads "compressor."

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Leo Lichtman

I got a great deal on an Emglo compressor. Paid $250.00. It was in a used tool store. The Honda 5hp motor started right up. The thing compressed air fine, it just was oily. I called the local Emglo repar shop and was told the problem was either rings or it was over filled with oil. The rebuild kit, including rings, was only $27.00 so I bought the thing. Checked the oil and sure enough it was way over filled. Apparently someone had tilted the compressor almost vertical and poured about a quart of oil in. When the drain plug was removed in the proper, horizontal, position the oil just kept flowing out. I've had the thing about six years now. Everybody borrows it. It always starts on the first or second pull. ERS

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Eric R Snow

I have nothing against Emglo compressors. The original craigslist listing referred to it as a "generator". The author later changed it to "compressor", so those who saw it afterwards may not have seen the irony.

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Gas Air Compressor that is.


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Martin H. Eastburn

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