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I need to make 150 cuts into a 3"x4" cross section of 7075 Aluminum. I have a DoAll 12 inch horizontal band saw for the job. This is enough work that I want to get the best possible speed out of it. And it will be a recurring job if I can do it fast enough.

What would be the best saw blade for this? How fast a speed could I use? What is the best saw coolant?


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Karl Townsend
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Why don't you ask DoAll. That is their expertise and certainly there is no one in this group that knows more about sawing the DoAll. They have tech support that will gladly help you.

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Skip tooth blade (for chip clearance and strength), 4 pitch. Hopefully your saw uses at least a 3/4" blade. Use as much speed as you have. You don't have anywhere near enough, not on the typical horizontal. These cuts won't take much time.

Sorry, I'm not up to speed regards a good coolant, but almost anything will work. I'd avoid kerosene, but only because of the smell and fire hazard. It would be an excellent choice otherwise.


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Harold and Susan Vordos

Or you might ask Lenox. My neighbor said Lenox had the best blades and service.


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Find someone local with a fully auto non ferrous cold saw, they will take about 20 minutes to cut it all........if they are fair[I charge 50 an hr] it will cost you what a good blade might......

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Hopefully it's automatic feed.

4-6 tpi. Fast as the machine will go, feed/speed-wise. We buy the cheapest blades possible.

Altho less of an issue if it's automatic, you can greatly increase production by loading up multiple bars. Or take bars, cut in half, cut in half again, and load those. There's a way to do this mathematically, that allows for the total least number of cuts. But you can kind of ballpark it.

Also, you can put a wire wheel on the exit side of the cut, to clean the blade, if the coolant doesn't quite do it. Chips can collect in the drive chambers, esp. if sticky and shitty like wet alum.

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Karl, As others have said, the typical horizontal won't have anywhere near the speed you could use. On a vertical a speed of about 2000 fpm works great. The coarsest blade you can get would be about right. Look at the cut from the first piece. If you see chips smeared into the face of the cut then you are filling the tooth gullet with a rolled up chip. If there is no smearing try increasing the feed a little at a time. Tooth packing can be a real problem, breaking off a tooth or even breaking the blade. Since you won't be able to go faster or coarser your only option will be to back off on the feed rate a little.

Gary H. Lucas

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