Sawzall blade weldability question

Greetings all,
O.K., it is actually a Morse brand reciprocating saw blade, but you get
the idea. :) I have the need to weld,(TIG) said blade to a piece of 16 ga.
CRS to form a serrated edge for gripping. It will only be a short piece,
approx. 1 1/4" long, and curved.
My question is, the blade contains Cobalt, 8%, will this give me any
problems welding?
I will probably use either Si/Bronze or SS filler, haven't made up my
mind yet. I also figured I will have to cut the blade with a Spedecut
rather than a bandsaw due to it being somewhat hardened.
Thanks in advance guys, if anyone cares I will report on my
success/failure and any injuries that may occur.
Jim C Roberts
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Jim Roberts
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Most good sawzall blades are Bi-Metal blades. The cobalt is in the teeth that are Electron Beam Welded to the spring steel body of the blade.
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Ernie Leimkuhler
Silver "solder"?
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Ted Edwards
You are correct, sir.
Hope the spring steel doesn't present a problem, I considered heating the blades to take out any tempering, but I probably won't have time. These pieces were supposed to go out this evening. I hate it, but that's what happens when they send us home for a week and a half.
Thank you Ernie for your answers to my question, Jim C Roberts
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Jim Roberts
Greetings all,
Well, I suppose all's well that ends well. I got the pieces of bladed welded on today. Ted was probably right about using the silver solder, the TIG was almost too hot even using Si/Br filler wire. I would not have thought those blades would have been so "soft". They were the same thickness as the CRS I was using. Oh well, got it done anyway.
Thanks again for all help, Jim C Roberts
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Jim Roberts

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