Seeking Pro Electroplater For Video Shoot - $3000+

Hey folks,

Me and my business partner need to create a video that will demonstrate how to do multiple different types of electroplating of multiple different metals, and in multiple plating situations.

We are looking for a pro who we can film (we will bring a film crew) doing various different types of electroplating.

He/she must be highly versed and comfortable plating various different types of metal, in all the most common situations.

This is a serious project and we will pay the 'talent' good money. Additionally, the 'pro' will be able to 'plug' his or her business and gain solid publicity in this soon-to-be-marketed video.

If you are in or near NJ that is a plus.

Please call: 973-543-0670

or email:

Thanks, Cory Friedman

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There are so many OSHA and safety issues in plating shops I've been in that I'd be surprised to see any takers.

You may be better off by trying to contact folks who make and install the equipment. They may have a demonstration line that you could view.

I also think you will need more than one company, since a given plater doesn't necessarily do everything. For instance, where I came from, there were a number of electroplaters who did mostly barrel plating of fasteners. (The parts are put into barreld and tumbled in the electrolyte). But they didn't do much with large or unwieldy pieces. A company that copper/Nickel/Chromes bumpers and such would have as much polishing equipment as they have tanks--- etc.. A company that does work for "Detroit" (thousands of the same thing at a time) would look quite different than a "job shop".

Pete Stanaitis


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