Serrated Inerts for Face Mills?

I bought a large lot of assorted used milling cutters several years ago. Among them were a few face mills. These take serrated inserts. They seem to have been pressed into mating slots around the periphery of the mill as I can find no clamping screws.

On some of the cutters (6" or 8" diameter) the inserts are pretty big.

0.5" x 1" x 2" approx. Others are smaller, but by no means "little."

I've tried to Google a source for these inserts without any luck, since I'm not sure what name they go by, nor do I have any part numbers for them.

Is anyone out there familiar with this type of (apparently HSS) insert? How are they replaced so that they are all at the same height? Can they be sharpened easily?


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Artemia Salina
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There was a company in the UK called Richard Lloyd that made that type of cutter.Their brand name is Galtona.Inserts were still available a couple of years ago.I used to have a catalogue for them and they probably have a website. regards,Mark.

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These are not indexable inserts that automatically align themselves. These are inserted into tapered slots until they are tight, and then sharpened on a tool & cutter grinder to the same height.

John Martin

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John Martin

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