shaper at government auction

Do you guys ever watch government auctions? I've never actually bought
anything, but they're kinda fun to watch. Check out this old shaper. It
looks like it's setting outside, but maybe hasn't been there too long. Might
make somebody a nice project.
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Dave Lyon
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It's been there long enough for the rust to go from "matt" to "exfoliate". Probably still could be put back in shape with a lot of TLC.
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Lloyd E. Sponenburgh
That's the size (20-24") that people can't give away. Except to the scrap man. Industry doesn't use them anymore and they're too big for HSM. Now, if it was a 7" ... Bob
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Bob Engelhardt
i bet the ram is frozen with rust
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erik litchy
The last two that I fired up of that size, ran quite nicely, even though the rams were red with rust. Bout 10 strokes and the rust was gone except for discoloration
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I see it closed at $320, which is about 1% of the "Acquisition Price" noted. Might be worth it. At 5,000 pounds, it has at least that much value as scrap I guess.
Brian Lawson.
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Brian Lawson

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