RoboGames returns to San Francisco; June 16-18 at Fort Mason!

The Robots are Back!
Join us for the largest robot competition in America!
Walking androids, soccer robots, art bots, and the best flame-
throwing, high-energy, steel-crunching robots in the world come to SF
for the annual robot olympics! This year robots from 20 countries
return to show off the worlds' best technology and innovation. Combat
robots fight behind bullet proof glass, while humanoid soccer bots
delight kids and adults.
Whether you're a techno geek or a sports fan, RoboGames is the best
event in San Francisco, getting on two of the world's best Top Ten
Wired magazine called RoboGames one of "The Best Ten North American
Geek Fests." and
ESPN put last year's event in Sportscenter's Top Ten
CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, ESPN, The New York Times, Wired, USA Today, and
many more news agencies have covered RoboGames. Check out how we've
been described around the world!
Started in 2004 as ROBOlympics, the third annual RoboGames brings
robot builders from 20 countries to California to compete in over 50
events. Combat Robots (made famous by years of television), are a
cornerstone of the international competition - but are joined by
walking androids, human exo-skeletons, soccer bots, and much more.
Fire-breathing, 340 pound behemoths as big as motorcycles crash into
each other and the bullet-proof glass walls separating them from the
200 teams with 400 robots and 500 human engineers will be flying in
from Singapore, Brazil, Japan, Britain, Switzerland, Russia, Columbia
- among many other countries. The humanoid soccer is going to be
really stellar. When most people think of robots, they think of boxes
on wheels. But these metal guys can really run!
Robot hockey is the newest event - combining the thrills of combat,
but in a non-violent team environment. Hockey bots play three against
three, using street hockey pucks and 15 pound robots. Teams from
Canada, Russia, Brazil, and the US will face-off in the first ever
competition - played with wheels instead of skates.
The Servo magazine-sponsored Tetsujin event has also been added to
RoboGames. Robots are no longer the sole competitors at RoboGames.
Tetsujin is Japanese for "Iron Man" and involves humans wearing
metallic exo-skeletons which radically increases human strength and
potential. Think of the forklift suit from Alien, only live and in
The event will also include interactive displays from NASA, Lego
Mindstorms, and many other robotics companies and groups. Families
can watch the action in the stands as well as join in the fun.
Tickets are on sale now. Buy yours today before they're all gone!

Event Details
Date: Fri-Sun, Jun 16-18, 2005
Time: Noon - 10pm
Where: Ft. Mason, Festival Pavilion Map & directions
Cost: $20, $15/kids 7-17 - Buy tickets now!

RoboGames in the News
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Sponsorship Opportunities for the Upcoming Show
Thousands of people were at RoboGames last spring, and press coverage
has gone to millions all over the world. By becoming an event
sponsor, you can help us put on a better competition next time and
help yourself with tremendous publicity! Become an event sponsor!

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