Sheldon 10" model L lathe?

A friend is asking me to help him look at a used lathe in our neighborhood. It's a 10" Sheldon model L. Is there anything specific to this lathe I should particularly be on the lookout for?


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Grant Erwin
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Generally a nice machine.

Does it have quick change gears Mine is marketing number L-44 the 44 is the length of way from one end to the other - under the head and tail... :-)

If not quick change, then a set of gears ?

Are the brass plates attached ? - indicating the gear change speeds for the three levers ?

Documentation at all ? - parts ? likely a Morse 4 head and Morse 2 tail - but can be different.

Does it look somewhat like this poor picture on news letter 1 ?

my old web page still alive after I leave :-)

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The club is long gone, but the letters are still up and going. Updates are not possible...


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