Shoulder Report

Well, I went to my 9th PT session on Thursday and saw the doc on Fri.
After some consultation he decided to discharge me.
I think I'm about 90% healed. The shoulder is still a tad loose when
pulling straight out to the side, but does not dislocate anymore.
I am continuing the exercises at home until I feel completely recovered,
maybe in a week or two more. I am glad it responded to PT. I had my doubts
in the beginning.
We have had about 10" of rain last week over about 3 days. There was much
temporary street flooding. It is thundering as I write this, but rain
probability is only 40%. The ground is saturated and If we get another line
of big storms like last week, there are going to be some places flooded that
have never flooded before. I am not worried about here, however. I know
you both have had rain, especially Erik, as we got most of what hit Houston,
only a little later in the week
I finally went down to the bike store to buy an Electra Townie 3S. (3-speed,
front suspension) Of course there were none in stock. The owner said he
cannot get what he wants from Electra as demand has far outstripped supply,
especially in the Townie line. The Townie is aimed at older people that
have not ridden a bike in years and has become very popular. So, I don't
know when I will get my bike. It might be next week or 3-4 months. The
dealer has had an 8 speed on order for 8 months with no idea when it will
come in.
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Randal O'Brian
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On Sun, 16 May 2004 17:56:01 GMT, "Randal O'Brian" shouted from the rooftop:
Hope it works out for you.
Is this it?
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I see a lot of bikes at the park, both recumbent and conventional, but nothing like the Electra. Looks like it wouldn't allow full leg extension? Have you ridden one? Got a review?
-Carl "An honest man doesn't need a long memory"- Jesse Ventura
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Carl Byrns
Hi Carl,
I have no idea how the message got on rcm, but no matter.
The Townie does in fact allow full leg extension if adjusted properly. I haven't ridden one because there are none to be had around here. I'll post a report if I ever get my hands on one,
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Randal O'Brian

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