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Disassembled my Ryobi small tiller. The primer bulb had given up. During the week that it took to get a new bulb, I forgot where the little hoses go. Yes, I had to pull them all to put a new filter into the gas tank.

Gas tank has two holes, one gets a tube with filter. Primer bulb has two connections. Carburetor has two connections. What goes where?

BTW, I do have a manual but the drawing shows the gas lines in exploded view and not their real location.

Thanks, Ivan Vegvary

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Ivan Vegvary
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Take pictures *before* taking things apart.

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Pete C.

"Ivan Vegvary" fired this volley in news:y%DKl.1739$

On most, the primer pressurizes the tank. That's why the tubes are such a tight fit in their holes.


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Lloyd E. Sponenburgh

"Pete C." Take pictures *before* taking things apart. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Give advice *before* it is too late. :-)

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Leo Lichtman

That has not been my experience. The Echo and Stihl saws trimmers I have pump the gas. I figure the tubes are tight in the holes in the tank to prevent leaks.

Let me go look.

Ok, on the Echo trimmer I opened the gas cap to vent the tank and it still pumps gas. The pump is built into the side of the carb on botht he Echo and the Stihl an all connections are to the carb body.

There are really only 4 ways to connect the thing and I doubt that connecting it wrong will damage anything. Try the following: Connect one side of the primer bulb to the tube to the tank with the filter. If it pumps gas that's good, if not try the other side of the primer bulb. If that side pumps gas that's good (if not then LLoyd is right and I'm wrong). So now the primer's pumping gas, just try both sides of the carb and see which one runs.


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The primer will have one connection to the bottom of the tank, and one on the carb body. The primer pumps fuel into the carb throat; it doesn't pressurize the tank. JR Dweller in the cellar

Ivan Vegvary wrote:

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JR North

That is a purge bulb, not a primer. The bulb's discharge will go to the return line in the tank (the line w/out the filter)

The carb connections you will have to experiment with, but usually the fuel inlet (line from tank with filter) will go to the fitting on the carb closet to the end plate that is held on with 1 screw in the middle of the plate.

The fitting nearest the carb end plate that has 4 screws holding it on is the connection to the primer's intake.

Gas will only flow one way thru the carb, so reverse if the bulb either won't return if pushed (or won't push)

fuel filter>carb>primer>return to tank


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An architect/flight instructor who used to be in a supervisory capacity where I worked, undertook to overhaul the carb. on his motorbike. This was 15+ years ago, before digital cameras were readily available, so he used 35mm. film, something like ~100 photos, but all went well and he continued to ride to work most mornings, long johns under his business suit and all. Gerry :-)} London, Canada

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Gerald Miller

Cell phone camera is your friend when taking apart something!

Good luck.

Mart> Disassembled my Ryobi small tiller. The primer bulb had given up.

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Martin H. Eastburn

Ha ha ha. Jack G., "THE" brainiac for the company I worked for, used to ride from the Roseland area all the way to work at John and Queen in downtown Toronto on a friggin bicycle, winter, summer, rain or shine. The company wanted to pick him up and send him home in a limo at least, or better yet an armored car !! But he would have none of it. Said if they pushed him on it, he would quit and go to Otis. The President at the time used to sit where he could see the main entrance every morning, just praying praying praying that Jack would walk through the door safely. He did. Never missed a day !!

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