Some really wierd metalworking

Maybe this will give some of you guys some ideas for things to make in your spare time.

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You will need Quicktime or Real Video.

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Glenn Ashmore
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Machine with oil!.. I love it.. =20

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Doug Warner

This thread cost me $20 + (for a 70 min DVD) I couldn't resist.

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Leo Lichtman

Hey! that is the guy from the new NOVA program last night! I remember the walking wishbone and chair machine! Thanks for the link to the web site.

Paul, KD7HB

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Both BTW. Thanks I watched the new Nova show and wrote down his name to look up later and after the show saw your post.

Down right hilarious stuff ! HMMM maybe I should go back to that idea of miniature to show my product , always considered it to cost the same just to do it full size before. Anyhow, not many shows get me to lean forward as if to see better.

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On a larger scale...

Last year I became aquainted with an interesting guy from Iran who runs a small auto repair shop, and also makes some rather nice large scale welded metal sculptures. He has what some might consider a truly whacky artist's free spirit.

He took me into his inner sanctum and showed me his "Motion Reaction Machine" which IIRC was about 20 feet tall and would spin a human strapped into it in about six orientations at the same time. It looked like it was a spinoff from a carnival contraption. (Pun indended.)

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Jeff Wisnia

I was at the MIT museum a few years ago and actually saw most of those machines in action. It appears that they still have a display of Arthur Ganson's work if anyone is in the Boston Area. It was one of the coolest art exibits I've ever seen.

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Glenn Ashmore wrote:

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