Some scraping-videos

I made 3 hand scraping related videos:
Preparing the granite plate:
Grinding the carbide plate:
Scraping in a lathe's gap:
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Nick Mueller
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Thanks Nick, Black Forest Elfin RULE!
Seriously, this is something I can use.
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Excellent resources you've posted.
I've done this work extensively with a die grinder to flatten the bottom of large inserted die blocks. It's neat to see the finer work accomplished with a scraping blade.
I guess it should be noted that those without access to a surface grinder to can use a die grinder (or even a disc grinder) for heavy material removal before they switch to a scraping blade, if the surface is severely warped.
There's a certain amount of technique required to get solid results while doing this type of work. I found the biggest issue is to make sure that the middle of the block is not "higher" than the outer edges. This will cause the block to rock when rubbing on the surface plate, resulting in a false reading with the blue (the whole surface will look good with the blue, but it's actually a convex dish shape).
I tend to clear the middle of the block pretty much completely when starting out to make absolutely certain this false reading doesn't happen. Once the outer perimeter comes in flat, I bring it down uniformly, making sure to remove any readings in the middle section. Eventually, the whole middle comes in and you're there.
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Damn, that was nice of you to do.
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Gunner Asch
Danka schein Herr Mueller.
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Yar wullcomer, Mr Wes. ;-))
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Nick Mueller

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