Sorta' On Topic: Source for Dayton VFD maual?


Does anyone know of an online|offline source for Dayton Electric Mfg. product's wiring diagrams? I have a barely used 3HX75 5HP AC Inverter with wires ending about 0.125" beyond the case being my only hints for connections. Extensive Googling has proved fruitless.

I just want to put 1PH in, 0-10VDC for speed control, and 3PH out to a whopping 1/2HP motor on my Atlas shaper (metalworking content) but there are too many permutations to perform configuration by smoke test.

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Fred R
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Did you call Grainger with model number?

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You need to call Grainger. They have been reasonably good for me at providing manuals. It sounds like you may need a new wiring harness or something.

I hope you got a good deal on it, there's a good chance you may not be able to use it.


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Grant Erwin

I tried finding the Dayton website a few minutes ago and couldn't find it. I had a he77 of a time finding the last time I looked.

Graingers sold the item so you might want to check with them if you don't your answer here.

Wes S

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Grant Erwin wrote: > You need to call Grainger. They have been reasonably good for me at

Grant and Wes, Thanks for the Graingers tip. They still list it as an active item so there is hope of the information existing somewhere.

I did get such a great deal that it will be good if only to pillage for parts. Still hoping for functional, though.

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Fred R

Grainger has the instruction sheets for most of the stuff they sell hidden in a corner of their website in PDF form - Search harder. ;-)

Before you power up any mystery gear and potentially wreck a perfectly good 1/2 Hp motor in the testing, open the covers of the VFD. (Ignore the warranty seals and the "No User-Serviceable Parts" signs - you already own it and the warranty is long gone.) Look and smell for obvious signs of "blowed-uppedness" - many components are rather obvious when they've 'gone to their great reward', and there are some very distinctive smells that will notify you on things you can't see.

For example, it's been a long time since I've smelled Burnt Selenium Rectifier, but it was rather strong and not easily missed.

Other signs are vaporized circuit board traces, fuses that ruptured the fiberboard tubes when they blew, electrolytic or paper capacitors that released a confetti salute...


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Bruce L. Bergman

Thanks, I will.

Yup. A "sniff test" was my first action upon receiving it. Rather clinched my 10-year old daughter's opinion of me.

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Fred R

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