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Given the cost and limited size/availibity of 3C collets, you may be
better off using a 5C collet vise such as Enco [
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] p/n 891-6023. My catalog lists this at
45.95$US. This will bolt to most faceplates with no problems.
However this is not a through the collet set-up so you are limited to
short pieces. Quick to set up with a dial indicator if you will chuck
up a long 1/2 inch dowel pin in the tail stock drill chuck and clamp
the other end in the collet vise. This will get you to 1 or 2
thousandths TIR, and and it is easy to get 0 TIR. If you dont mind
some extra holes in your face plate you can drill and ream dowel pin
holes in the base and faceplate after you get that perfect alignment.
Because of the frequency of removal/replace, taper dowels are most
likely a better choice than straight ones.
From time to time Enco has these collet vises on sale with a set of 5C
Because 5C collets also fit other fixtures like a spin index Enco p/n
235-6011[29.95$US] and square/hex tumble blocks Enco p/n 235-7050
[34.95$US] this may be your most economical and flexible way to go.
I have found this combination to be extremely useful and flexible for
the types of projects I do.
When I need to work on a long straight rod/bar I have found it
relatively quick to bolt a suitable v-block to the face plate. Key to
this is making some sort of steady rest for the other end of the
spindle to reduce tendency to whip and cantilever action.
When I work on something with a taper such as a barrel, I have found
it helpful to make a clamp like a driver dog and bore the correct size
and taper. Again you will need to rig a steady rest of some sort on
the other end of the spindle. This will clamp the tapered item very
firmly with no marring (use a single layer of aluminum foil between
clamp and barrel) and with a little care can be set to very low or
zero TIR.
Send an email if you would like details.
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