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Trying to obtain some springs without success. I have tried McMaster-Carr but they do not have the required type.

Anyone know where I could look.

First spring must be rectangular section wire. Inside diameter 1 inch. Wire to be 0.043 inch by 0.05 (or larger) The 0.043 dimension to run the same direction as the spring. 12.7 (approx) turns per inch. Spring Constant not important, compression spring

Next spring needs to be one foot long(approx). Approx 2.7 turns per inch. Spring constant about 0.337 pound per inch This spring is a compression spring.

Cheers for any help.


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make your own?

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Steve Koschmann

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for starters. Bought from both and recommend them.

-- Regards, Carl Ijames carl.ijames at

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Carl Ijames

Century has everygoddammspring ever made on earth. And charges a goddamm fortune for each one. Once you've bought from Century, you'll do like I do, and scavenge every spring from every click pen you can get yer hands on. Once you've bought from Century, you will stop yer car on a highway to retrieve a spring in the middle of the road... Excellent catalog--a spring bible, like a small g-d phone book.

Lee Spring, by me (in Brooklyn--until the day-trading yupsters kick'em out.... to NJ), idn't much better pricewise, and their selection is not as good, except in die springs, I think. iirc, Dealers Electric (the VFD peeple) recently got their asses kicked out of Brooklyn, to NJ.... The yupsters do need dey lofts... and $tar$uck$..

Century is having a sale, btw--25% off, 'til June or sumpn. Which is sort of like goddammMacy's: their "sales" just bring the price to near-normal.

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On 18 Mar 2006 17:29:39 -0800, with neither quill nor qualm, quickly quoth:

I googled "custom coil springs" and found beaucoup possibilities. If these folks don't make them, they'll probably know who would.

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Let us know what you come up with. Who has the competitive pricing? G'luck!

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Larry Jaques

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