Speaking of ground off electronic part numbers

Mentioned in another thread was the possibility that a manufacturer
may have ground off part numbers in a powers supply. I have a servo
ampifier for my Fadal mill that needs to warm up before it will work.
I have replaced it with a new Glentek which is repairable because the
part numbers are intact. The one it replaced has all the part numbers
ground off (GRRRRR!) so there is no I know of to diagnose it. But I'm
not an electronics guy. I wish there was somebody who knew about these
1992 vintage servo amps and how to repair them. I've asked around but
no luck so far. A new amp is 600 bucks so if I could have mine
repaired for 300 or less I would do it.
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Simply replace it with a Glentek, Servo Dynamics, or Advanced Motion Control
Ebay is a good place to find used ones very cheap.
Toss the old one in the scrap barrel.
AMCs on Ebay are from $50-150
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